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irrilihoumbДата: Четверг, 09.05.2013, 13:25 | Сообщение # 1
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</h1>Wonderful in accordance with a smile, to see the Fan Ye so combat power, her smile Allure absolute beauty, composure, full of boundless charm.

Let me go! Summer Jiuyou the sound came, was <strong>
</strong> feeding the two Huiyi old man, his eyebrows bursting out with colorful God Mans.

Little Lord when you get to the next realm, and then with his World War II is not too late. Two Grey elderly, persuade.

Up another realm, I do not in the quadrupole Fam, so kill him what does that mean, Summer Jiuyou arrogance sky.

The all heard stunned St. exhibit such a terrible war, there are people dare to say something like that?!

However, when they saw him and then relieved, such as comets as the rapid rise of juvenile, can be described as the ancient rare Charlie Wilson.

However, <strong>
</strong> thirteen-year-old, Has been greatly successful, will be promoted to the next Uncharted, when the world can be a few people?!

Little Lord! Two Grey elderly forehead sweating.

You moved away in the end who is the Lord who is the servant? Summer Jiuyou Lenghe Although Chunhongchibai, extremely beautiful, but also artistically breathtaking.

Fan Ye carrying a large sword, conduct in the void, quietly watching all this, look indifferent.

Ultimately, summer Jiuyou forward the way, two Huiyi old man can not hold his tremendous self-confidence, slowly pacing from in the air.

You finally broke the curse, and into the <h2>
</h2> early Eucharist, Holy Blood mixing drugs can provide me with! Summer Jiuyou as in the past, depending on the Fan Ye prey, he did not care to enter the quadrupole Fam.

You want to take me to mixing drugs have this ability? Fan Ye did not get angry, quietly staring at this beautiful almost evildoer opponent.

You break the curse and how? Remote antiquity before the kings and bright from the era, even though the culmination of the Eucharist is difficult to the world, never a lack of great enemy to contend! Summer Jiuyou sneer again and again, bright red lips, white teeth flashing crystal gloss, said: I want to merciless defeat you close for all eternity servant, so that you understand what is the best in the world!

If you lost the battle, how to be my servant? Fan Ye move forward from every step of the fall, such as the roar of the drums of war, heaven and earth are shaken.

I'm the best in the world, whether it is physical or cultivation, enough to beat you. Summer Jiuyou forced, hair flying, let him look ethereal and Chu Chen, said: Holy Blood, the rest of his life to me, be my servant!


Fan Ye shot, to deal with such a person more than just words, but to beat him, in order to solve all.

That was, fairy king the provisional nine days!

Elder, one of the most terrifying vision!

Everyone exclaimed, all incredibly tight.

Fan Ye exhibited a vision metaplasia coarse another magnificent hall to the seventh heaven, the body around the mysterious yellow gas, such as a statue overlooking the fairy king of the common people!

Statue vision within the fairy king body stuck a big hand to to the summer Jiuyou caught.

Suddenly, this side of heaven and earth cut off from the summer jiu like conduct in another piece of the sky, look dignified, against the fairy king, yo music sounded.

This is, jiu song cents!

What did not he cover jiu same physical
Форум » Беседка » Юмор » irrilihoumb
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