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janeairzopДата: Воскресенье, 22.11.2009, 03:33 | Сообщение # 1
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<h1><a href=></a> </h1>Like a delay, Fan Ye Zaixun the little girl disappeared, but pushed by the crowd, I do not know where, he slightly frowned slightly, to select a direction to go down at the crossroads.

You do not always follow me!

The front, came the pleasant voice of a young girl, but how to listen in sulk.

Fan Ye surprised that he had <h2><a href=></a> </h2> not thought meet here Kyi chawol her a purple Brisk Chu Chen, hair Rubao, Zhou Zhao Qiong nose, shiny eye teeth grinding action.

, Followed by a group of people around her, she was around the center, to protect her forward.

Oh, Fan Ye in there! Ji chawol suddenly cried before hand point to point.

The people of around her Shenpan, all surprised, looked back together. Ji chawol suddenly jumped up, lift the corner of the purple skirt and ran, you want to get rid of very lively and funny.

Fan Ye was surprised, she was apparently sealed for the repair, or the contingent already flying into the sky.

On the street, an old woman stood out, and caught the the Ji chawol arm, she stopped and said: naughty.

I do not want to you followed! Ji chawol sulk.

The old woman quickly disappeared, just those people around us, in turn Ji chawol of surround in the center.

Fan Ye sank his face, he saw Ji Hui, just an old woman what her previous years, a variety of grievances, it can be said because she sky.

At first, he will Ji chawol escort back, Ji Hui good deed goes unpunished, not only did what kindness, and also sent Ji Ren kill him, herself personally.

Subsequent series of storms are from Ji Hui kill, Fan Ye's most hated person can be said to the old woman.

This old thing seems convinced that I will be back, actually gave me Bureau would like to deal with me!

Four hundred and twenty seventh chapter restricted area

Ji chawol Shenpan followed by a lot of people, but not on the Fan Ye's eyes, really let him fear is secretly strong, Hualong Fam elders.

Ji Hui, dead old woman!

Old, he was far <strong><a href=></a> </strong> behind escort Ji chawol go back, Ji Hui gratitude, but almost let him beyond redemption, he never hate a person.

Fan Ye secretly stare Ji Hui, several times almost can not help shot, with his immortal flesh, quietly enough a shot off her past.

However, he eventually restrain live small leak will sink a great ship, he is not death drug from the shortage of ancient forbidden to kill Ji Hui, exposing the whereabouts will lead to a lot of variables.

Kyi's house and shake just absolutely dominate in this area, this is their sphere of influence, and no one can shake their status.

You are too annoying, I do not go! JI chawol, squatting on the ground lie, break off the mouth refused to say anything up.

Her a pair of big eyes weird rotation, continue to look for the opportunity to escape, she took aim at the ancient Chinese dynasty, you want to make use of their power.

Du to a lot of monks, the ancient Chinese dynasty did not hide, some people wearing ancient Hualong clothing, some people have long gas around <strong><a href=></a> </strong> the body.

Fan Ye pondering for a moment, did not continue to follow, he continued looking for the little girl in the city <a href=></a> .
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